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Corsound voice biometrics provides a secure method of authenticating users as well as fraud prevention by recognizing synthetic speech that can be used to detect imposters. The advanced feature analyzes speech patterns and detects anomalies that may indicate fraud attempts. By using this feature, businesses can rest assured that sensitive information and assets are protected from unauthorized access. As a result, Corsound's speaker recognition solution is a must-have for organizations that handle sensitive data, like banks, government agencies and other high-risk businesses.

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Safety and Security

Ensure the safety and security of sensetive information or data

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Analyze Present and Past Spoofing Attacks

Analysis of attacks is an essential part of the authentication and fraud prevention process

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Fraud Prevention

Analyze speech patterns and detect anomalies that may indicate an attempted fraud


Processing Speed of Voice Signature

Audio is processed at a speed of 1:150

Voice Signature


Voice signatures cannot be reverse-engineered back to audio

Voice Signature Storage Options

There are two options for storing voice signatures: on-prem and in the cloud

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