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Bio-Markers Detection

Corsound's Bio-Markers detection is a technology that use advanced algorithms to identify the gender, age and ethnicity of a speaker from their voice. This solution helps to provide more personalized experience and can be used for customer service in various industries such as finance, telecommunications, insurance and healthcare. By utilizing voice biometrics, the Bio-Markers detector is able to accurately and efficiently identify demographic information about a speaker in real-time, making it a valuable tool for improving customer engagement and understanding.

Corsound Bio-Markers (gender, age and ethnicity) detection help security organizations with investigations providing more detailed information on unknown individuals by using audio provided.

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Ethnicity Recognition

Accurately Recognizes the speaker's ethnicity

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Age Estimation

Accurately estimates the speaker's age

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Gender Detection

Accurately detects the speaker's gender


Processing Speed of Voice Signature

Audio is processed at a speed of 1:150

Voice Signature


Voice signatures cannot be reverse-engineered back to audio

Voice Signature Storage Options

There are two options for storing voice signatures: on-prem and in the cloud

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