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Use Case

Corsound's voice biometrics platform lets you discover what's hidden in a person's voice and identity.


Corsound AI's innovative technology, which can generate a face from someone's voice and compare it to existing databases, has the potential to greatly benefit government organizations. In law enforcement, this technology can be used to identify suspects and aid in investigations, improving the speed and accuracy of the process. For national security, it can help in the identification of potential threats and enhance overall security measures. This technology can also be useful in immigration, where the face generated from speech can be used to verify the identity of individuals and ensure they are who they claim to be. In conclusion, Corsound AI's ability to generate a face from speech and compare it to existing databases provides a valuable tool for government organizations to improve security, facilitate investigations, and verify identities.

Product Capabilities

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Image Comparison

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Fraud Detection

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The ability to compare the generated image to existing databases to match it with existing records.

The capability to detect and prevent fraud by analyzing changes in a speaker's voice.

 Advanced algorithms that can accurately recognize voice and generate a face from the speaker's voice 

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Real-Time Data Analytics

Real-Time Processing

The ability to analyze large amounts of data in real-time, providing immediate insights and decision-making support.

The capability to process and compare speech and images in real-time, providing quick results.


Quick and Accurate

Detect Synthetic Speech

Quick and Accurate

Supporting in Noisy Environments

Non-Sensitive to Channels

Fraudsters Block List

Item Title

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