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Empower patient journies with our intuitive voice solutions


Corsound's voice biometrics solution can greatly benefit the healthcare industry. It offers a secure and convenient way to identify patients through their unique voiceprint, reducing the risk of medical identity theft and unauthorized access to sensitive information. The solution streamlines the check-in process, allowing patients to confirm their identity quickly and easily using just their voice. Additionally, Corsound's voice biometrics technology can be used for remote patient monitoring, enabling healthcare providers to monitor patients with chronic conditions from a distance and make more informed treatment decisions by analyzing physiological markers in a patient's voice.


Product Capabilities

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Enhanced patient experience

The use of voice biometrics for identifying customers is an effective way to confirm their identity

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Protect patient data privacy

Providing secure and reliable methods for verifying that a customer is who they claim to be

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Voice biometrics technology can help Healthcare industry comply with regulations by providing secure and reliable authentication methods


Quick and Accurate

Ease of Integration

Non-Sensitive to Channels

Supporting in Noisy Environments

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