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Simplify digital journeys with Corsound voice solutions

Fast and secure digital access

Eliminate  passwords and improve customer experience

Voice biometric technology from Corsound AI can assist businesses in streamlining their digital operations, improving customer satisfaction, preventing fraud and staying in compliance with regulations. 
Voice biometrics can be used for customer verification, simplifying the process and ensuring that sensitive information is shared with the correct person. The technology automates the verification process, making it easier for customers to engage with digital applications. 
It provides secure and reliable methods for customer verification as well as detecting s fraud through voice analysis.  Overall, Corsound AI's voice biometrics technology offers a comprehensive solution for companies looking to improve their digital onboarding processes.


Product Capabilities

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Synthetic Speech Detection

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Age, Gender, Ethnicity Detection

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Fraudster Block List

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Detect spoofing attacks to prevent fraud

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Detect the age, gender and ethnicity of speaker as additional identification factors

Identify known fraudsters and prevent them from malicious activity

Voice Verification


Verify people based on their voice in real-time

Compare face signature to set of images


Quick and Accurate

Detect Synthetic Speech

Language agnostic

Supporting in Noisy Environments

Non-Sensitive to Channels

Fraudsters Block List

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