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Enhance your caller experience with our cutting-edge voice solutions for call centers

Call Centers

Corsound AI's innovative technology can verify a person in real-time silently and transparently in the background of a natural conversation. By providing passwordless authentication, an outstanding user experience is created. This saves call center costs, by eliminating the time for irritating questions and preventing fraud hence enhancing the security of the call center.


Product Capabilities

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Voice Verification

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Verify people in real-time and detecting synthetic speech

Separate and detect different speakers on thesame call

Generate estimated face
age, gender, ethnicity detection

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Fraudster Block List

Bio-Markers Detectors

Identify known fraudsters and prevent exploitation

Detect age, gender and ethnicity of speaker


Language agnostic

Detect Synthetic Speech

Quick and Accurate

Supporting in Noisy Environments

Non-Sensitive to Channels

Fraudsters Block List

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