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Corsound's custom Microservices can be tailored to fit for flexible implementation of solutions to meet unique business requirements

Custom Microservices

Corsound AI is a leading provider of innovative AI-powered solutions for verification, identification  and investigation. Corsound offers a range of microservices that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of customers. Cutting-edge AI models are available as APIs, allowing for seamless integration into existing infrastructures.


Corsound's microservices are highly customizable and can be adjusted to match customers’ needs. Corsound's team of experts work with customers to create and implement AI models into existing workflows. With Corsound AI, you can leverage the power of advanced technology to streamline the verification, identification and investigation processes and improve the security of your organization.

Corsound Microservices

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Voice-to-face technology generates a facial image from a person's voice.

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Bio-Marker Detector

Identify physiological markers from a person's voice, such as age, gender and more.

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Fraud Detection

Synthetic speech detection and searching for known fraudsters from a black list

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Speaker Verification

The process of verifying an individual's identity based on their voice. This is done by comparing an input voice sample to a reference voiceprint.

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The process of separating a multi speaker audio stream into individual speakers, making it easier to identify who is speaking and when.

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Voice Face Matching

The process of matching a face image to a voice sample, to determine whether the two are from the same person.

Integrate API’s to existing systems

Corsound AI voice biometrics provide multiple solutions to enhance the security and efficiency of existing systems. Corsound’s voice biometric technology includes features such as voice verification, speaker separation, noise cancellation, generating a face image from a voice sample, matching a voice sample to an image in the database, fraud detection, anti-spoofing and age and gender extraction, even without a reference database.
In addition to these core features, Corsound AI also utilizes a highly advanced search and filter engine for identity management and investigation. This helps you to explore, investigate and gain insights into your data more efficiently. 
Customers can benefit from integrating Corsound APIs into existing systems in several ways: Corsound microservices are highly customizable, enabling customers to choose the right solution based on their specific requirements. With this level of customization, the technology can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems, increasing efficiency and streamlining processes.
With Corsound AI, customers can take advantage of the latest voice biometric technology to enhance the security and productivity of their organization.


Custom fit microservices as an API offered by Corsound AI can help to solve several pain points in the field of verification, identification and investigation:


Integration Challenges


Inefficient Workflows

Security Concerns

API-based solutions can be integrated easily into existing systems, reducing the complexity and time required for integration.

API-based solutions can improve security by providing an additional layer of authentication, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Customizable microservices can streamline existing workflows and eliminate inefficiencies.


Lack of Flexibility


Cost Savings

Customizable microservices offer greater flexibility, allowing customers to adapt their systems as their needs change.

By customizing and  choosing the right microservices, customers can ensure that they have access to the specific functionality they need, without having to pay for unnecessary features.

Corsound AI's custom microservices implementation via an API can help customers achieve greater efficiency, flexibility and security in their verification, identification and investigation processes.

Use Cases

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Call Centers


Financial Services







Compatibility with existing systems and infrastructure

Corsound provides an API for integration within call centers and digital applications on-prem or in the cloud

Preserving privacy and securing sensitive data

Corsound prioritizes privacy and security, ensuring compliance with relevant data protection regulations

Ease of use and user-friendly interface

Corsound's user-friendly platform ensures efficient use providing detailed reports of product usage.  

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