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Speaker Recognition

Cor-X Speaker recognition technology is not only a secure way to authenticate users, but it also has a built-in fraud detection model that allows for the detection of imposters and other malicious actors. This advanced feature uses AI algorithms to analyze speech patterns and detect anomalies that may indicate an attempted fraud. The fraud detection model is constantly learning and adapting to new threats, providing an added layer of security to your business. With this feature, businesses can rest assured that their sensitive information and assets are protected against unauthorized access and fraud. This makes our speaker recognition solution a must-have for organizations that handle sensitive data, such as banks, government agencies, and other businesses that are at high risk of fraud.

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Safety and security

Create a face from a few seconds of audio

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Fraud Prevention

Detect the Gender & Age of a Prospect

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Detect multiple speakers and when talking

Speaker Verification

Speaker verification involves analyzing a person's voice in order to confirm their identity. By verifying access to secure systems or authenticating transactions, users gain access to secure systems. The system could be used over the phone, on a computer, or in an audio recording.

Fraud detection

 With Cor-X, fraudsters will be detected and marked for you on the spot.  As a result, they will be spotted in a timely manner, and they will no longer be a threat to your customers.


 Corsound Anti-Spoofing technology Verifying the authenticity of a voice, by comparing the characteristics of a voice to a stored voiceprint,  our voice biometrics systems can help to verify whether a voice is authentic or not. This can help to prevent fraudsters from using synthetic speech to impersonate someone else.


Corsound dividing an audio recording into segments corresponding to individual speakers. It is often used in conjunction with speaker recognition algorithms to identify and classify different speakers within a recording. Diarization can help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of speaker recognition systems and facilitate the analysis of large sets of audio data.

Text Independent

 Passive verification improves customer experience while strengthening security at the same time. With Corsound Voice Verifification, different languages and phrases can be used during enrollment and verification, and the technology will still deliver the best results.

Gender Identification

This technology determines the bio-gender of an individual and labels him as Male\ Female

Language Agnostic

Corsound products are language agnostic, Cusotmers and suspects van be enrolled in any languafe and he verification can be done using any othe language.

Age Estimation

This technology determines the individual age and labels him in the marketing genographic age segmentation

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