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Voice-to-Face (V2F)

Corsound is the first and only company in the world that has developed revolutionary AI that can create a estimation of a face by simply listening to a person's voice. Corsound AI correlates between voice features and the features of a person's face. All of this takes place without any additional information other than a person's speaking voice. Utilizing this unique technology allows for intelligence gathering on people of interest without referencing any additional stored data.


Face Behind the


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Enhanced Intelligence Gathering

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Forensic Aid

Expose agents to the estimated face of client to understand who they are and prescribe appropriate service

Voice-to-face technology provides organizations with a powerful tool and new information not previously available for intelligence gathering and suspect identification, even in the absence of information from a database

By generating facial images from voice recordings, Corsound assists forensic investigators in identifying suspects and gathering intelligence


Processing Speed of Voice Signature

Audio is processed at a speed of 1:150

Voice Signature


Voice signatures cannot be reverse-engineered back to audio

Voice Signature Storage Options

There are two options for storing voice signatures: on-prem and in the cloud

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