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Unlock the power of AI voice-based solutions

Passwordless authentication using just 2-3 seconds of customer speech from anywhere in any language. Secured to prevent fraud. 

Happy customers, Motivated agents, Outstanding company

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Voice Biometrics
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Fraud Detection
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Voice Face Matching
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Corsound AI Solution and Technology

Corsound voice biometrics is a state-of-the-art technology designed to handle any challenge related to voice biometrics. Whether you need to identify a specific speaker from a large number of audio recordings, verify the current speaker over the phone or digital channel, or conduct a comprehensive forensic voice analysis, Corsound Voice Biometrics has you covered.
Corsound is the first and only company to generate an image of a person's face simply by analyzing to their voice. This technology can also perform voice-to-face matching.

Corsound can detect and estimate gender, age and synthetic speech. 
The solution is language agnostic, handles noisy environments and is quick and accurate.

Use Cases

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Call Centers


Financial Services




Digital Access


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