Voice Intelligence Technologies
Deliver Real Time Value

Identity Theft Prevention

Corsound AI validates that the voice used by the customer and the face uploaded during their onboarding process are in fact the same person. This prevents identity theft in real time

Voice-to-Face Match

Match any voice with an existing database of real faces to verify validated individuals and radically reduce suspect lists

Voice-to-Face Sketch

Instantly generate a facial sketch from just a voice sample, without any prior voice or face database

The Future Is Closer Than We Think

Voice to Face Generation

Our prototype generates an accurate face from any voice. We collaborate with law enforcement to bring this game-changing technology to the field.


Autonomous AI patents

Turn any voice into a strategic intelligence asset

Multi-patented Voice Intelligence Technologies

automagically identify suspect & verified individuals just from voice, at any scale, with or without a database

See Corsound AI Voice Intelligence In Action
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